Where do I start

Well I’m laying in bed. With my head at the foot. All the lights turned off. Listening to todd snider albums, probably too loud. Alone. I’ve looked through someone’s tumblr who I should not be thinking about for about an hour. This is unhealthy. God damnit, I miss her. I miss her so much that seeing her pictures makes me want to shoot myself, or maybe just shoot some dope. Does that mean I still love her? Probably not, it’s just an obsession. I often confuse love with infatuation. O well it feels good when it works. It’s just been so long since it worked. Since she left every aspect of my life progressively got worse. Until Now, everything is much better now. I’m much better. I’m sober, guess the idea of “drinking her off my mind” failed. Kinda funny now that I think back on it. In an extremely crude kinda way. Haha I’m fucking insane. I shouldn’t allow you people to read this. Fuck it. I really don’t care or do I?



Hippie vibes

It’s All Uncharted | via Tumblr unter We Heart It.

Mateus William


Todd Snider in Carrboro, NC May 2011.

If I’ve ever had an “idol”